1 vs 1 Pistol Challenge














In this challenge entrants will battle out head to head in a 1-vs-1 tournament format. Players will be issued a T8.1 Pistol and one full 8 round magazine. Opponents will start at opposing start zones approximately 60 yards apart. The game objective is to eliminate the opponent either by shooting them or capturing the center flag and returning to players start zone. Each match will be timed and will have a maximum duration of 2 minutes. The winner gets top gun bragging rights and the ultimate prize, a new Tiberius Marker! Any 68 caliber pistol may be used. We will have free markers for you to use if you do not have your own. The cost is $10 and will be limited to the first 32 players to register. It is single elimination.



• Game will commence at 6pm, Friday, May 5. PLEASE be READY TO PLAY 15 MINUTES PRIOR!

• Each player will be given a Tiberius Arms T8.1 Pistol with one magazine consisting of 8 paintballs in each.

• You may use your own pistol loaded with only 8 shots.

• Markers will be chrono’d below 280fps • Players will start in a designated zone at a distance of approximately 60 yards.

• No advancing or firing until Ref’s command ‘Engage’.

• Each round will have a time limit of 2 minutes.

• Shooting your opponent or capturing and returning the flag to your start zone can win match.

• If neither player is hit nor captures the flag in the designated time limit, both players will be out. Make your time count!

• Ref’s decisions are final.

• Use of cover is allowed.


All competitors must meet at designated staging area for briefing in the DMZ at 5:45pm on Friday.